THIS WEEKEND’S ARIES NEW MOON: Kinship, Duty and Response

The New Moon will be precise just before 2:45 pm EDT this Sunday, March 30th, when the moon shapes an alignment to the Sun in Aries. The Sun and the Moon will line up with three of the planets involved with the incredulous cardinal grand cross on April 23rd. The three other planets are: Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto.

To put it more simply: Whatever tenseness you may be feeling this weekend around re-creating yourself, or withdrawing from some aspect of your past, or thriving in your own space and how that makes you feel, consider it a preview for April’s big showing. Aries New Moon is an chance to distinguish and adjust your most important goals and desires, but most importantly planting those seeds that will help your garden grow…

So where is Mars in all this? Mars rules Aries thus rules Sun and Moon this weekend. Ironically, it’s the one planet from April’s grand scene that is not in conjunction with the New Moon, but don’t be too concerned because Mars is alive and thriving this weekend, it’s just a bit difficult to detect. The message: keep your awareness at the forefront, and don’t overindulge in urges and desires that will come up this weekend. Remember to Practice patience and avoid over reacting – especially when it comes to your relationships.

Libra is the sign of relationships, as well as justice and balance. It’s the sign of commitment and responsibility. Mars retrograde in Libra can create an undercurrent of frustration. It’s sort of sitting there under the surface as it patiently awaits something to provoke it and give it a reason to blow up. Relationship responsibility could feel a little like a pressure cooker at this time.

Big message of the New Moon chart is to carefully conduct ourselves in all relationships. Keep in mind: tracking inner dialogue and thinking first before you speak will be key. Psychological chaos and insecurities are heightened during this time. This weekend, big reactions will ensue small or no good results.

Carefully consider what your feeling are, and what is fueling these emotions. Mercury is encountering two planets in Pisces this weekend that could serve as a wake-up call. After awakened, decide where your energy rightfully goes, how to clearly express your feelings and where your values really lie.

Know that you are in control of your actions as well as your reactions.

This weekend, everything is in motion and moving – it’s a window of opportunity you don’t want to miss!!

Good Luck.